A believer that asked God to give me an idea. And based on the faith I was pursuing, he gave me SAVED AND RICH and I'm running with it. 



What is Saved And Rich?


It's Our Confession! 

(Definition of Spiritual Confession: Words composed from God's word that we agree with and speak over our lives to build our faith so that we can have all that God says we can have.)


As we spend more time in God’s presence, we as believers should come to find that we have been given an awesome array of promises from God, just to name a few: FAITH to move our mountains, PEACE, WISDOM, FAVOR, PROSPERITY, HEALING and most of all SALVATION. The word “RICH” in this confession, is an umbrella that covers all of His promises. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Through this confession we are agreeing and connecting ourselves by faith to these promises God gives us in His Word. So we say our confession daily, sometimes more if needed, which builds our faith.

God inspired us to create SAVED AND RICH apparel for when we get into that place in life where we need a push, some encouragement, or just a reminder. We can put on one of these pieces, get in our mirror and say, “I AM SAVED AND RICH,” and then walk out our journey in confidence knowing, "The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without painful toil for it." (Prov. 10:22 NIV).

These pieces are also great evangelizing tools to share God with others. They do get attention, so be ready! When people ask,”What does SAVED AND RICH mean?” This is the perfect opportunity to share God and possibly bring them to Christ, when otherwise they may have just walked right passed you.


isn't just a Product


     Saved and Rich isn't just a product, a shirt, or a hoodie. Those are THINGS. Saved and Rich is a NEED. Let me explain. Life tries daily to suffocate, drain, kill [our]self esteem, [our]positive momentum, [our]worth, [our]joy, [our]hope. Do you want me to keep going?? Saved and Rich was put here 1st of all, for us to ask the BIG  "What is this about," when you see it! Then hopefully you take a second to find out what it is.

   Well let me tell you. If we are Saved (A BORN AGAIN BELIEVER) then we are RICH in all GOD'S PROMISES. It is a REMINDER; letting us know who we are, what we are connected to and how we are supposed to be living. Most of us if truthful are living at the bottom. Paycheck to paycheck. Or we might be fortunate enough to have a little stacked, but that is not enough.

   If you can't go into your pocket to help out a brother or sister with a refrigerator full of food, a refrigerator... Lol ( but not funny); a mortgage payment; a car note without looking at your own budget thinking about what you're gonna be missing, then YOU have not arrived. ( I'm talking to myself too!!)


     Let's find out how God want us to live, what kind of power we have on the inside of us and how to operate it through faith. It's time to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL despite the presidency, our government, our jobs or our education. Not that those things are not important but we shouldn't be relying on the world's system. We are or should be, heavenly creations with heavenly powers. OUR WORDS WERE DESIGNED TO CREATE, NOW THEY ARE MOSTLY USED TO JUST COMMUNICATE. What a waste!! Let's get it together and change [our]worlds. (I'm talking/encouraging myself too.) PEACE!

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